Membership How To's

New Member Information

Upon joining, new members will receive an email with information on how to get involved and access the online member only areas. We encourage you to consult the directory to locate a specific service, product, or real estate company or member. Please patronize our BOMA Tulsa Trade Partners, as they support our organization and make our events possible.

Membership in BOMA International/Membership Identification Number

As a member of BOMA Tulsa, each primary member is enrolled as a member of BOMA International and are assigned a BOMA International ID. This ID gives you access to discounts on publications and seminars and to member only sections of BOMA International's web site (

Business Etiquette

Remember that BOMA events are learning and networking events, be prepared to cultivate a relationship not a sale. Please do not mass distribute business cards unless specifically directed by BOMA Tulsa. Meet and network with other members and follow up at an appropriate time. Be a resource to building members.

How Building Members Purchase

Business is no longer done on a handshake. Property managers are required to obtain multiple bids for a project. Projects are awarded to the most qualified vendors, not necessarily the lowest. Managers are looking for the best price coupled with the least "headache" for them.

Property managers maintain strong ties with other managers throughout the region, and usually turn to one another for referrals. Positive and negative interaction with vendors is usually communicated throughout the community of managers. Be a positive resource to building members.

Increase Your Company's Visibility

An excellent way to increase your company's visibility as a BOMA Tulsa member is to become one of our annual sponsors (Trade Partners) or sponsor individual events. Your investment provides a revenue stream to the organization which allows advocacy efforts and educational opportunities to continue while providing your company additional exposure within the industry. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Opportunities to Partner with Owners and Managers

The following list is provided by BOMA International and is comprised of suggestions to strengthen your business relationships with building owners and managers:

  • establish yourself as a resource or an expert to build credibility & strengthen your alliance

  • offer to share the cost for training programs

  • create a Total Quality Management program & ask the property manager to be in the focus group

  • contribute articles to BOMA's or the building's newsletter that provide information that can reduce costs or increase efficiency

  • provide a quarterly report with recommendations for decreasing costs

  • keep property managers informed of new technology in your industry that affects clients

  • create a preventive maintenance program, or suggest a team be formed to address one